As you may have noticed, we have been promoting live casino games on our site for a long time . It’s a big technological advancement over classic casino games, because live casino games require a real person who makes you a dealer while playing.

The game has a completely different dimension, because you look not only at the generic computer modeled roulette wheel, but you are looking at the real person who controls the real roulette wheel . The pace of the game is therefore determined by the dealer or dealer, while playing you must wait until the wheel spins and the operator announces the result. For people who want to enjoy the real atmosphere of a casino , this is the best choice because you see a piece of real casino on your screen. Let’s now look at how to play live roulette and where to find it.


In the past, we had to make special reference to online casinos where you could also play live casino games. We don’t really have to do that now, because all our reviewed online casinos have both game repertoires and live casino games. Therefore, it does not matter whether you choose the Slovak casino iFortuna or the European CasinoEuro – in both of these casinos will of course live roulette and other live casino games.

However, we should remind you that if you are a player who prefers to play on a mobile device – whether on a mobile or tablet – you should be careful. Not every online casino is so mobile optimized that it also offers live casino games in mobile mode. If you want a casino that you can visit via your mobile phone while playing live casino games, then we recommend, for example, AstralBet Casino , which offers such games in mobile mode.


Live roulette rules are exactly the same as online roulette rules . Of course, it all depends on which variation of roulette you have chosen – normally, even in live mode are available variations European, American and French . Accordingly, the design of the wheel and some rules unfold, which in turn govern how bets are handled. If you can’t remember exactly what the difference between American and European roulette is, for example, we suggest you read our article on roulette variations to learn more about this.

What the live roulette looks like you can see in the attached picture. On your screen, you see a digital, computer-generated area where you can place bets or see your bank’s status, winnings, past numbers that have fallen, and so on. In the middle of the screen you see the dealer or the dealer who controls the game.

In addition to inviting you to make bets, they mainly control the roulette wheel. This means that when they announce the end of bets, they then spin the wheel by hand and throw a roulette ball into it, which jumps on the wheel and then settles on one of the boxes. The operator then announces the result and opens another betting option. Chips or other prizes are not handed out by the operator – this is controlled by a computer on the digital part of the screen that we mentioned in the previous lines.

If you are interested in live roulette , we recommend that you try it. You’ll see that this is a great, modern way to find yourself digitally in a real casino and experience this unique atmosphere!


Although it looks like live roulette is just one game, it’s not like roulette. Live casino games, including roulette, have their authors, and they bring original and unique elements to their attention. Let’s show you the most popular variants of live roulette.

  • VIP Roulette
  • VIP Roulette or VIP Roulette is a live roulette version from Net Entertainment. The name reflects who it is primarily intended for – high roller players who are sufficiently wealthy. In exchange for higher wagering limits, players are given the opportunity to play roulette in a studio in Malta, where they will be operated by trained and friendly croupier staff, with which players can also catch up during the game. During the game, players can switch between cameras and even this version can be played on smart phones.

  • Live Roulette Live Roulette
  • In early 2018, NetEnt, in cooperation with Mr Green’s online casino, launched a new type of live casino gaming called Live Beyond Live, which also housed roulette. Live Beyond Live is actually an extensive gaming room located in Malta. This new type of live casino gaming brings an authentic experience with an interactive background and the ability to move between two roulette tables. Unlike VIP Roulette, this variant of live roulette can also be played by players who do not play with the biggest stakes.

  • Live Immersive Roulette
  • Live Immersive Roulette is a roulette game from Evolution Gaming. A high-definition stream capable of displaying up to 200 frames per second, the ability to switch between cameras and the ability to zoom in or start recording will surely be appreciated by every roulette lover. To help players, graphics with statistics that reflect the results of the last 500 games and reveal the so-called hot and cold numbers. If you like live roulette, try this one as well.

  • Live Lightning Roulette
  • Live Lightning Roulette is another type of Evolution Gaming Roulette. Compared to Live Immersive Roulette has several changes. There are Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts, which are tools you can use to win even more. The amount of winnings is the same as in regular roulette games. Thanks to multi-player function, this game can be played by unlimited number of players at once. The whole game takes place in a charming black and gold Art Dec space, which gives the game a special charm.


Live roulette is an excellent alternative for all those who play roulette. It combines the advantages of an online game (playing from home comfort) and the advantages of a live game (social aspect). With live roulette you will have a good time, meet new people and of course you will also have the opportunity to win interesting money. If you like the idea of playing roulette live and don’t want to travel far to the casino because of it, try live roulette!