Poker variants

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Texas Hold’Em

Undoubtedly the most popular variant of both live and online poker. There can be a maximum of 10 players in this game, each player being dealt two cards that only he can see. Five more cards are added to the table, which are seen by everyone who does not move, but they form combinations with the cards that the players have on their hands.

Five-card Draw

This is the most basic poker variant in which each player initially receives five cards that only he sees. This is followed by the first round of betting, after which players can fold several cards and ask for new cards. The second round of betting is followed by the players showing the cards. The player with the strongest card combination wins.


Or also known as Omaha Hold ‘Em is a similar variation of poker to Texas Hold’Em, but in this variation, the player gets four cards on his hand and later puts five more cards on the table, but the player can only use two of his cards to make hands. hands and three cards from the table.

Omaha Hi / Lo

The game is similar to the classic Omaha, but in this variation the pot is split in two and the player with the lower hand cards can win. In order to win a “lower win”, he must have no card higher than 8 on his hand, nor must he have any pair on his hand, and overall the lower the cards, the better. The best hand in this case is ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Card Stud

This type of game is designed for 2 to 8 eight players. In this variation, players first receive two cards that no one else sees, but they alone, in the next four rounds, each gets one card, but all players see it, and the last seventh card is re-received so that no one else can see their value. During these rounds, players place bets or draw their cards. In this variation, it is important to remember the cards of players who have stopped playing, as it is statistically infer which cards are still in play and which cards may the opponent have.

Card Stud

This variation of poker is very similar to the previous one, except that players only get five cards together. In this case, in the first round, each player is assigned one card that no one else sees, and the other, as well as the other three cards, are given so that all other players can see their value. In this variant, it is also important to remember that players can quickly recap in their heads what cards their opponent has already had.

Razz poker

With this variation, cards are dealt similarly to the 7 Stud Card variations, but the difference lies mainly in winning hands, which in this case mainly win cards with the lowest possible value – similar to Omaha Hi / Lo.

The various fascinating variations of the game, wide availability, real players and the ability to play free tournaments are just one of many things that make online poker one of the most played games in the world’s online casinos. Therefore, if you are thinking about a game where you have a real and casino chance to win interesting amounts, online poker is the right game for you.

If you want to be sure that you choose the right and safe online casino with poker rooms where you can also get interesting bonuses, we recommend that you choose from some of the casinos we have tried. In each of them you will find poker games, other card games or slot machines. It all depends only on your personal taste and the preference of a particular casino. Maybe you know someone who has more experience playing in online casinos and could help you make a choice. If not, then take a good look at the bonus offer at each casino, and depending on your playing, choose the one that is right for you.

Carribean Stud Poker

At Carribean Poker you play against the casino, or the dealer who represents the casino. Carribean Stud Poker is a blackjack-like game. The goal in this game is to have a better hand than the dealer. Depending on how strong the hand has been and the dealer’s cards, winnings are also calculated in multiples of the bet made. For example, for a triple (8-8-8-6-2) you could win up to 4 times the bet.

Carribean Stud Poker is not a typical video poker game, it is a classic poker game from online poker rooms and casino poker. It is not just about coincidence, there is a strategy you should master. Happiness is important, but what you win or lose is influenced by your decisions.

Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride Poker is about getting the most powerful 5-card hand and defeating your opponent – the casino personified by the dealer. In combination with Carribean Stud Poker, combinations are paid out differently, and in LIR Poker you have to win not just any pair, but a couple of tens or more. Otherwise, you won’t win anything.

There are also other bets in Let It Ride – bet only once at the start of the round. Bets are not allowed during the game. Only three divisible amounts can be wagered because one third of the bet can be withdrawn during the game. For Let It Ride poker, the casino side benefit is 3.5%, which is more than the Carribean Stud Poker.


If you want to be successful in poker, you should not only know the rules, but also gain knowledge of various tricks and tips from successful players.

  • Bluffing – this is a state where you pretend to have a good card and in fact it is not. Bluffing is very common in poker and sweats are won through it.
  • Odds – this is the percentage chance you will make a better hand than you think your opponent has. The larger the odds, the larger the bet you can call and the smaller the less you should be involved in the game.
  • Position – the position is an alpha and omega, a card like 3-3 is much weaker in the starting positions than if you hold it for example, button (a dealer position with only blinds behind).
  • Sentiment – in poker there is no room for sentiment, favorite card combinations, there are only strong hands and hands that have become strong. Believe us, you often don’t win with 6-4.
  • Tilt – is the state you get after a bad luck. Tilting players tend to try to quickly win money back, which often only leads to further losses and losses.


There are literally millions of euros in poker tournaments. Like several poker games, there are several game types or variations within games.

Types of poker tournaments

  • Freezeout – The tournament ends when you are eliminated
  • Rebuy – You can buy more chips during this tournament
  • Knockout – You get a cash reward for every knocked out opponent
  • Shootout – Multi-round competition, to advance to the next round you must first beat all opponents
  • Re-Entry – When you lose your last chip, you can re-enter and play the tournament again
  • Time – Tournaments run for a specific time after which the tournament ends

The most popular poker tournaments

Every year, tens of thousands of poker tournaments take place around the world, some as part of a series, other than individual tournaments. Which tournaments or series are the most popular and well-known?

  • World Series of Poker – Also known as the World Series of Poker, held once a year in Las Vegas, lasting several weeks, during which dozens of tournaments take place
  • EPT – It stands for European Poker Tour, a series of European casino tournaments. Each such stop lasts several days
  • WPT – Short for World Poker Tour. It is a series of casino tournaments around the world, especially in the US.
  • Banco Casino Masters – Local event organized by Banco Casino in Bratislava. It offers cheaper tournaments and smaller prizes than the three festivals mentioned above.