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Joseph Bowen

The editor-in-chief of is an avid casino player who could also teach about games at the university. As a graduate economist, he understands numbers and therefore can always correctly calculate his chances of winning. He likes slots, but he also likes playing blackjack or roulette.

Joel Callison

Did you ask who writes those objective reviews? However, our Joel, who likes to rummage through pages with lowercase letters, always make sure he and you will not miss anything. He puts his heart into his work in the hope that karma will return it to him, and he himself will be successful in the game.

James Dancy

“JD”, as some friends call him, belongs to players who like to play not only online but also in a casino. That is why he understands very well what works and where he has what difficulties. JD also plays online poker in his spare time. You could write that any cards are in jeopardy before him.